Bitter-Sweet Dabaw.

Prologue kunwari novel to :

It’s a not so cold Thursday morning. April 7th, 9:35 am to be exact. Harf and i was shooting the breeze. As in talking about unnecessary things usually thru Facebook. It’s a daily routine. Conventional. A diarrhea of the fingers i guess? Oh yeah, that’s…idiom! Haha.  Okay. Not so long after, he nailed an attachment in our chitchat. I wonder what the file is and I am excited at the same time. (I am always excited about everything) though i’m not presuming anything ’cause he always do that, randomly sending me something on Facebook. Going back, gee!, it’s too turtly to load! (imbento word of the day : “too turtly”-mabagal haha) Anyway, that’s hyperbole!. I just waited for about 5 seconds. HAHA. Gee again! I don ‘t know what to react now. I am in the middle of an aha! moment after. Guess what i saw? Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! It’s a plane ticket. 🙂

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: WE have just landed at Francisco Bangoy International Airport. For your safety, please remain seated with your seat belts fastened until the fasten seat belt sign has been switched off… It was indeed a pleasure to have you on board and we hope to see you again soon on one of your future flights. Thank you for flying with Cebu Pacific…” ’twas the last lines i remembered. Yay!  Welcome to Davao City!   “Life is here.”

DAVAO airport

5 star for the airport!

Time check : it’s almost 12 in the evening. I am too droopy 💤 💤 Delayed flights sucks!  “The perks of flying with Cebu Pacific” huehue. You should consistently assume that flights will be delayed for an hour or more.  Haaaaaaaaay! 😠

Anyway, we stayed at Tower Inn for 2 and a half day. It’s just a 20 minute taxi ride from the airport and moreover convenient to stay at for most people who wanted to stroll the city. The room was spacey and clean. Thumbs up for the food (it’s not that pricey, it was all good 👌) and two 👍 👍 thumbs up for the hospitality of the crew.  They were all welcoming. 🙂

Day 2: Sneak Peak at the University.

The main agenda of this travel is really going at the University.  Haha. This tour is purely business. In short, sabit lang talaga ko 😄.  Harf will be having his final coaching for civil engineering students/graduates in preparation for the upcoming board exam this May. (I always thank God for blessing me a brainy friend. ♥🏼 ) Tick tock tick tock tick. . .  It’s nearly 9 in the morning when we arrived. The Engineering building is literally far from the entrance. Fortunately, we don’t need to walk afar ’cause manong guard allowed manong taxi driver to invade the campus. We just need to secure a visitor’s pass and that’s it, we’re in. 🏼🏼🏼 🏼🙆


The visitor’s pass. You need to secure this thing.


Sneak peak from the inside. University of Mindanao, Matina Campus. (cto) Harf Miranda ♥

What about Lunch?

Credits to the generous professors of the university who accompanied and treat us for lunch! Yay! I can’t recall the resto sorry 😢  but it’s just a 10-15 minute walk from the university and is in front of NCCC Mall Davao. They’ve ordered lechonkinilaw, sinigang and fried fish (i can’t remember what specie. haha specie? 😂). The lechon was superb!  Panalo! 👍


UM gang!

Durian Shake

Ofcourse, will not forget the durian shake!

Z z z.. I already left Harf at the university after lunch. I really am sleepy and tired about last night, you know, delayed flight. So, i decided to ride a cab and ask manong driver to drive me back to tower inn. Yes, all by myself. No worries. I know, I am safe here. 👌 I honestly enjoyed our heart-to-heart talk about Davao, manong is really a proud dabawenyo. I know that he is trying his best to communicate with me in the most excellent tagalog way he can. He even share to me the a must place to visit in the city. Thanks to you manong!

Day 3 : Jalan jalan! 

I am excited to wake up this morning, bitter-sweet though. Time to go home and time to stroll the city too! Thanks for the good weather!

Lola Abon’s

I have a lot of plans for today! 💪  First in line- is to buy some pasalubong. Heard about Lola Abon’s candy factory? It was the best in the city, they say. Oh lemme try that. I hurriedly ride a cab after a good bath and open waze app. I wanted to test if the GPS thingy is accurate here in mindanao hahaha! kidding, just hankering to know if i am capable of strolling the city alone, anyhow, i need waze’s help. 😛

Lola Abon's

The great pasalubong stop!

Oohlalala…I can already smell the durian’s aroma from the outside. The store is not that big. It can entertain atleast 10-15 people at a time. Once inside, you’ll savor their plentiful delicacies. 👍


So i hoard. End of story! HAHA

People’s Park

After buying some pasalubong at Lola Abon’s, I went back to our hotel and rest for minutes. I opened waze again and look for the next stop. Tadah! I saw a park nearby, They called it People’s park. It’s just 1.5 km away from my hotel. Gees! I don’t have enough time to rest now,  we’ll go back in manila at 1930H. So, without more ado, I started to stroll  and follow waze again. Pedestrian on Emoji One 2.1


Thank you bystanders for taking this photo! Ramdam nila na mag isa kong pagala-gala kaya nag volunteer na sila na picturan ako. 

FYI : The park is open  at 10 AM. It is an urban public park and covers an area of 4 hectares (9.9 acres). It has been described as “one of the cleanest and greenest public parks” in the Philippines. The park is covered with lush vegetation, with more than 1,000 species of plants from all over the world, including Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America. It is known for Mindanao artist Kublai Millan‘s sculptures of indigenous people, and its dancing fountain is a popular destination for locals at night. The park’s visitor center is inspired by durians and has a large collection of many species of bamboos.


Yes, they have saloon too =P


Say hi to Santa!

San Pedro Cathedral

Luckily had the chance to attend mass. The ironic part here is that i can’t understand the language  yeah, it’s visayan. Anyway, my bad ’cause i am an hour early for the english version of the celebration.

Every sunday, from morning until afternoon there was this schedule that they follow for people/tourist who wanted to attend mass in the universal language, english. It’s from 6:30-7:30 AM, 08:00- 09:00 AM, 12:00 – 01:00 PM and 06:00 – 07:00 PM.

Sangguniang Panglungsod ng Dabaw

photo (4)

The Munisipyo is just in front of San Pedro Cathedral

Museo Dabawenyo

Oh! It’s sunday . Didn’t had a chance to enter the museum huhu. According kay kuyang naka blue It’s open Mondays to Saturdays only. Anyhow, it’s just a 5 minute walk from the munisipyo.

photo (3)

Located at Andres Bonifacio Rotunda, Poblacion District, Davao City

China Town

Hours before our flight, My boyfriend and i had a quick stroll. We hire a taxi from our hotel and ask him to drive us at Davao’s Chinatown. Yes, similarly like Binondo’s. The main agenda here is to eat and take-out durian, of course.  

China Town

Smelly-spikey DURIAN!

photo (7)

Meserep pala!  

Yah, it’s my first time to see the flesh of this fruit. When i was a kid, i (always) wondered how it looks like. You know, arousing the curiosity . I thought that durian is a family of langka  because the husk is identical (#explainpamore) and imagined that the flesh is 99% similar.  (bet you imagined that too 😛 Haha)  I don’t have the creative mind, i guess haha. #Criticalthinkerproblemthingy

The smell? It’s terrible! Awful! (for first timers) but once you savor the flesh?  It’s really very pleasing. 

Okay, enough of the durian. It’s time to go homeeeeee now! Early check in for the 30 minutes advance flight for tonight! Yass!

We had the moment to roam around the vicinity of the airport and guess what? Du3o merchandise everywhere!

photo (6)


It was indeed a great opportunity to see Davao before the election. I am now a 101% voter of DU30. HAHAHA.

Anyway, Thank you for spending your time reading what i share (‘yan alng ang nakayanan, sorry, not a pro )  looking forward to many writings here! Carpe diem!




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