A late birthday present, Grey.

Sometimes, what you wish for will never be yours. Most of the time, what you want? you don’t always get. For you to achieve something, you must do everything. Then, do some abracadabra  to make it happen! HAHA*kidding*

My delusion that turned into reality… 

It’s the mid of June and I’m wondering what birthday present am i going to buy for myself of course haha charot! Count down to my 24th birthday! yay!It’s been a long time since i bought something vast for myself!. Maybe, now is the time to invest on thing/s that I (we) need (literal bes), what I want (for them, my family) and yah, yung masasabi kong SAKIN. *tagalog para hugot bes, pinaghirapan ko ‘to aba! HAHA. 

Consistently, Mr. and Mrs. Thunderstorm are my EXPECTED guest before, during and after my birthday.  So, I ended up with the brightest idea ever! Buy a car! (Is there a connection between buying a car and a storm? haha sorry ) Actually, since then, I am longing to own a car. I just don’t have much yah know, “resources”  haha. My creative thinking skills just reached the highest level and imagined that- one day, I’ll own one, two or more!

Bet it’s in your bucket list too: to have your OWN car. It’s a combination of what you want and what you need. For me it’s both. I want it the way i need it. (english pa  bes sige!)


The story goes like this…

It’s the 27th of July when i got Grey. Mixed emotions- worried, happy, in doubt, scared, etc. A lot of things happened (Do you still want me to narrate every single details? I guess NO, shortcut na tayo bes? HAHA) and may still happen that’s why I’m befuddled. Ironic.

Sorry for the face! May halong kaba e. HAHA

Grey is the man of my dreams, but not the car I am dreamin’


Ilusyonada si ate. Audi R8 ang gusto! It’s my dream car!. Nangangarap, feeling si Ms.Steel HAHA.  Eh walang pera, nauwi sa toyota! HAHA *tumbling* Anyway seryoso, I am fortunate that at this age, I got my baby!. Ipon prowess! Hihi

Resulta ng larawan para sa check symbolBucket list checked.

Resulta ng larawan para sa pray signAnswered prayer! I assume.

Grey may not be the car I am fancying but still lucky and thankful enough, yeah thank you Lord! 

Oh! Lemme thank my agent too. L.A. Domingo for giving me the best deal ever. Thank you for arranging the documents that i need hassle free!. Thank you TOYOTA MAKATI.  I made the right choice! 




  • Is not a color, obviously. The spelling tells it all HAHA. I got his name from my hypothetical boyfriend CHRISTIAN GREY of Fifty Shades.

Here are the details that I googled for you :


Name Toyota Vios 1.3 E AT
Body Type Sedan
Price ₱ 800,000
Transmission Type CVT
Model Year 2016


Engine Size 1.3 L
Displacement 1,299 cc
Number of Cylinders 4
Number of Valves 16
Transmission Category CVT with Sequential Shift


Power Train Front-Wheel Drive
Max Output (HP) 98 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Max Torque (nm) 123 Nm @ 4,400 rpm
Acceleration Rate 14.2s
Top Speed 165 km/h


Length 4,410 mm
Width 1,700 mm
Height 1,475 mm
Wheelbase 2,550 mm
Turning Circle 10.2 m
Ground Clearance 145 mm
Wading Depth n/a
Trunk Capacity 476 L
Max Cargo 506 L
Number of Doors 4
Number of Seats 5


Grey is two months old now and I am dying to tell you that he has a mass of scratches. Haaay.  Unavoidable daw but you can prevent naman sa pag dami. (ano daw? haha r.i.p english/filipino).

Anyhow, Thank you again for reading my nonsense post and kulang kulang na kwento. If you have any suggestions or comments just feel free to leave it under! Carpe diem!



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