What about the “Flakey Lassie”?

This is the hardest, the “tell me about yourself” part.  (Waiiiiiit! I don’t know now what next line to say… tick-tock tick-tock tick…! Buzzz! My goodness! haha. It took me 30 minutes to compose the first, hell yeah.) Bet you, I am NOT a good writer and I am trying hardcore to drop a line like this haha. So, i am S O R R Y 😛 Okay? Anyway, i’ll try to make an effort to describe “me” in the simplest, straightforward way i can. Let’s do this. Hoho.

I am just like you guys, yes. A typical-annoying (Oftentimes. Okay okay, most of the time pala!)-brain sick-young woman who “dream+s” plus “believe+s” in the power of “I wanted to be…”, “I can…” , “I will be…” lines.

I have a lot of issues about my external persona haha. 1. My tABS (because it’s getting bigger and bigger everyday hahaha damn you belly carbs!)   2.My complexion. 3.My height. 4.My weight. 5.My hair. 6.My nose and moooooorreee. See? I am just like you! It’s normal for us girls diba?. I am N O R M A L, I am Insecure 😛  Oh Thank God I am normal  😛

I love going to places. Planning to expedite Ph first. That’s what i’m into (and will be) now, TRAVELling. Hoping to be on “an adventure” i am fancying. Reasons?: To relieve stress. To drum up memories with my family, of course. To enjoy what God has created and To finally say that, yes, It’s really fun in the Philippines. HAHA.

√I’d rather read than watch.

√I’d rather hangout with small circles than big groups. My interpersonal intelligence is at stake here that’s why i am uncertain if i really possess the character. I am starting to postulate that I am one of the introverts. haha!

Okay, what i am × not into :

  • Teleserye/s, movie/s and music/s is not my thing eh. Though i can sing, i believe. Most of my time (lalo na pag nasa office ako) is really on browsing, googling, and stalking (social medias  & airlines promo haha) +  working?
  • Dancing. It’s my weakness.
  • Sports. (But now i am trying) I do boxing.

What i  ♥ love :

  • GOD. Above all.
  • FAMILY. My everything.
  • FRIENDS. My for keeps.
  • KIT KAT. My comfort food.
  • TRAVELling+s

Na-explain ko na. Thank you for getting in here.


Xoxo ♥




“Never be afraid to Dream big. Believe. and be ready for the next Adventure!” ∼YT